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The importance of regularly reviewing your Will

Although making a Will is not a process many people willingly engage with, once you have one, it is important to regularly review it. 

For instance, if you made a Will when you were younger, unmarried or not in a relationship, it is unlikely your Will would have been made in contemplation of marriage. This is important as marriage revokes any previous Will unless it has been made in contemplation. If you were to then die without having updated your Will, it would mean you have died intestate, which can make the process of administration more difficult. It also means that if you had previously left gifts in your will to a friend, for example, they would no longer benefit. 

The reverse situation is also one to consider. For example, if you made your Will whilst you were married and are now divorced. The divorce or dissolution of a marriage does not revoke a Will. Instead, any reference to your former spouse is treated as though they have died. If your Will states that you are to give everything to your now former spouse, it may be treated as though you have no Will, and as above, the rules of intestacy could apply. It is important to consider this still, especially if you have minor children together. If your children are listed as beneficiaries but are still under 18 at the time of your death, their share of the estate can be passed to the surviving parent to handle until they come of age. 

If you have any questions or need your Will updated, then please contact Erin Dobing on 01429 230 041.


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Erin Dobing

Erin joined the firm in July 2022 as a trainee solicitor before qualifying as a solicitor and joining our family law department in January 2024.

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