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Making child arrangements - what you need to know

Whatever your situation, we will look towards advising and aiding you in making necessary arrangements. Perhaps your situation is one whereby you have separated from your child’s parent and child arrangements need organising. Alternatively, you may be a grandparent wishing to spend time with your grandchildren. We realise how difficult these problems can be and we will endeavour to use our expertise to help you.

Sometimes, we may need to approach the other parent to clear up and/or organise arrangements. In other situations, we may refer you to attend mediation, whereby you can be aided to negotiate and see whether a mutual decision can be made.

In other cases, if no agreement can be sought, an application to the court may be necessary. People who hold parental responsibility do not require permission to make an application.

If an issue arises regarding contact and/or where a child shall live, then an application to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order can be made. This is an Order of the court which can determine where a child shall live and/or who a child should spend time with and for how long. In other situations, a Specific Issue Order or a Prohibited Steps Order can be applied.

If social services or the local authority become involved we can also aid and advise you.

During court proceedings, the child’s welfare is always the primary decision of any judge/court. The court must follow what is known as the welfare checklist which will include looking towards the child’s age, the child’s wishes and feelings, and even the likely effect on a child any change in circumstances will have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment to gain some advice and support about issues relating to child arrangements as well as other matters such as divorce and finances.

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TMJ Legal Services has been helping individuals and businesses since 1986.

TMJ Legal Services

TMJ Legal Services has been helping individuals and businesses since 1986. We offer a range of advice and services. 

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