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Conveyancing: A step by step guide to purchasing your new home

The process of buying seems very complicated (and sometimes it is) but on the whole, it is a very straightforward process. So, what happens?

Step one: instructing your solicitor

Once you have put in an offer on your prospective new home you will then need to instruct a solicitor. The solicitor will issue you with their client care pack which contains various documentation that you must then fill in and return to your solicitor. It is our firm’s policy to ask for a payment on account at this stage for your file. This enables us to order your searches as soon as possible, more information is to be provided on this below. It is imperative that you provide all signed documents and related evidence as soon as possible as this can cause delays in the process.

Step two: contract documentation

The seller(s) solicitor will then issue us with contract documentation. This pack contains information on the title of the property which includes but is not limited to:

  • Title deeds
  • Property information form
  • Fittings and contents form
  • EPC
  • Any other certificates related to works carried out at the property and/or guarantees for any works carried out

We will raise enquiries with the seller(s) solicitor based on the information they have provided to us. The idea behind this is that we obtain as much information as possible from the sellers to ensure you are making the right purchase.

Step three: searches and surveys

If you are obtaining a mortgage to fund your purchase, we will usually wait for this before ordering your searches. It is very important to have searches carried out as they reveal things about the property that you may otherwise not know about, or the seller may not have disclosed. For example, your local search may reveal an extension, a boiler installation, replacement windows or doors etc.

The drainage search is carried out to ensure that the property is connected to the mains and will reveal if there are any sewers/drains running within the boundaries of the property. If there are any, this allows us to make further investigations with the seller.

If your property lies within a coal mining area then we will also carry out a mining search. This will highlight any past, present, or future mining in the vicinity of the property.

Searches can take up anywhere from 3-7 weeks to be returned.

Step four: purchase report

Once we have your search results and the seller has satisfied all enquiries, we will send a full report to you on your purchase. This will include all of the above information for you to peruse and highlight any concerns you may have or any further queries you wish for us to raise on your behalf. The aim of this report is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the information provided and the property you are purchasing. We strongly recommend at this point you revisit the property to ensure all information provided to you is a true representation of the actual property and its contents. It is very important that this check is undertaken.

Step five: exchange and completion

If you are happy with all of the above, then we will obtain your signatures on the relevant documents and liaise with all parties to set a completion date. This is the date that you will move into the property. It is our role to request your mortgage funds on your behalf and deal with the exchange of contracts.

We will let you know once we have exchanged contracts and the transaction has completed, at this point, you will collect the keys to your new home!

Step six: HM Land Registry application

Our role does not stop there, post completion upon receipt of the seller's signed documentation, we will also make an application to HM Land Registry on your behalf to register your ownership of the property. Once HM Land Registry has dealt with the application, they will forward to us the new title deeds for the property naming you as the owners. We will then forward these to you for your safekeeping.

The process can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks and the more you understand about what we do and why we do it, the easier (and hopefully less stressful!) it will be. We always hope to get you into your new home as soon as possible so you to enjoy the next chapter in your life.

Our team has many years of collective experience in delivering high-quality conveyancing work. For further information, please contact Gabrielle Eglintine or please feel free to contact us for your free no obligation quote today.


About the author

Gabrielle Eglintine

Gabrielle was promoted to Trainee Licenced Conveyancer in April 2022 and is now our Conveyancer at our Wingate Office where she deals with a wide variety of conveyancing transactions.

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