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If you have been injured in a road accident through no fault of your own, whether as a pedestrian, driver or passenger in any vehicle, riding a bicycle or motorcycle we can help you to pursue a claim for compensation. 

Most road accident claims arise from one vehicle driver being injured due to the fault of another driver. Other road traffic accident scenarios could be where a passenger is injured whilst travelling in a vehicle or on public transport, pedestrians hit by a vehicle or motorcycle/bicycle accidents. 

Our specialist solicitors at TMJ Legal Services will take the stress out of dealing with your claim. Let us worry about the law and regulations. You can trust us to ensure that you recover the maximum compensation that you deserve.

In any road traffic accident it is important that you obtain the following information which will allow your claim to be dealt with without delay:

Following a road traffic accident your first priority will be to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone else involved.

There are pieces of information that you could gather, to assist later, should you wish to make a claim. Providing this information could speed up resolution of your claim. 

Collecting information at the scene of the accident.

You should try to obtain the following:

  • Full details of the make and registration number of all vehicles involved;
  • Full details of all drivers involved;
  • Accident location and direction of travel;
  • Time, Date and weather/road conditions;
  • Contact details of witnesses;
  • Photographs of the accident scene;
  • Police details (if reported to them).

If the driver at fault leaves the scene, has no insurance or admits to driving a stolen vehicle you should contact the police immediately.

Our Personal Injury specialists know exactly what to do to assist after you have suffered injuries from a car accident that was not your fault. As soon as you contact a member of our team, details will be taken so that work on your claim can start immediately.

Here is some feedback from real clients of TMJ Legal Services: 

"I was very happy with all the services provided"

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