Demi Watson

Phone: 0191 5879205



Demi Watson - Legal Executive

When did you join TMJ?

June 2022

How would you describe yourself?

A good listener, sociable and straight to the point

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Don't worry over something that might not ever happen

What do you do for fun?

Spend time with my family and friends, making memories

What is your favourite TV programme?

The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Helping clients who are in difficult situations or who are less fortunate

Where is your favourite place to be?

Somewhere hot

Who would you most like to meet and why?

Beyoncé - she is a Queen

What is the most difficult aspect of your job?

Being newly qualified, learning new areas and keeping up to date with the ever changing law to be able to advise clients correctly and confidently

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