Wills, Trusts and Probate

Why should I make a will?

Only by making a will can you be sure that on your death your wishes about your estate, that is your money, property and other assets, are carried out.

If you fail to make a will your estate will be divided according to the rules of intestacy – that is rules made by parliament and, if you do not have a family, the state will get everything.

A properly drawn will can, among many other things, cover provision for care of minor children, lead to savings of InheritanceTax, make sure your favourite charities benefit, secure your home as a residence for someone who lives with you, choose the person you want to look after your affairs on your death.

How much will it cost?

A Will can cost as little as £102 including VAT.

For two simple mirror wills £150 plus VAT.

What is probate?

Administration of the estate (assets and liabilities) of someone who has died.

Unless the estate is very small a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration is required. We can assist at this difficult time by helping you get the Grant or deal with the complete administation of the estate.

Clair Dunkerley, Head of our Private Client Department, is not only experienced but also approachable and sympathetic and can be contacted DDI 01429230034 or

We pride ourselves on offtering a transparent charging policy and if required a fixed fee.   It costs less to use our firm than Co-operative Legal Services and ICT.  You will find more details on the page about probate

Why might I wish to create a trust?

You do not need to be wealthy to benefit from the creation of a trust. Whatever your means a trust involves giving assets to trustees. Those trustees then administer those assets in accordance with the terms of the Trust.

Trusts can help with estate planning and the minimising of the tax burden. In many instances trusts are much simpler and less costly to administer than people imagine.

Have you considered this?

Two thirds of all women and one third of all men will require a high level of care during their retirement.
At the present time anyone with more than £23,000 in savings receives no state help with paying for care and support in England.This means many people are forced to sell their homes to pay their nursing home fees.

Have you considered that your family may benefit from your home being transferred into a ‘family trust‘?

We offer a free initial interview about of these matters and any other work undertaken by our private client department such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection and Public Guardian applications, Advice for the Elderly, Tax Planning, Living Wills, Lifetime Gifts.

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