Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury solicitors at TMJ Legal Services are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to achieving the best possible compensation for those of our clients who suffer injury or illness that is someone else’s fault.

We handle claims for accidents and injuries including:

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An accident can happen at any time. At work, whilst driving, or simply when out and about, but it is always when least expected. This can have a huge impact on everyday life; especially if your injuries mean you cannot work for a while, or if your incapacity means you will have difficulty looking after yourself or young children. At TMJ Legal Services our dedicated team of experienced, specialist personal injury lawyers will not only be able to advise where you stand legally and whether you can claim compensation for your injuries, but may also be able to assist with arranging medical treatment, care and rehabilitation designed to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Some Common Questions Answered:

How much will it cost me?
Nothing. If you have insurance to cover the legal costs of pursuing an injury claim; we can conduct your claim with funding under the terms of your policy. If not we offer a NO WIN NO FEE service which means that if you lose, you pay nothing. If you are successful, the other party will pay your costs.

How long will it take?
This will depend on a number of factors including how long it takes you to recover from your injuries; whether the other side admit that the accident was their fault or not, or even which particular insurance company you face dealing with.

My friend got £5000 for a whiplash injury. How much will I get?
This is dependant on your particular circumstances. Each claim is dealt with individually and therefore it is unwise to compare your claim to your friend’s. Compensation or damages’ are dealt with in two ways. The first is damages for your injuries. The amount you receive will be calculated by reference to the severity of your injury, the time it takes you to recover and whether you will be left with any permanent problems. The second is damages for any financial losses. These may include loss of earnings, the cost of medication or travelling to and from hospital appointments; or even the excess charged by you insurers in respect of repairs to your car.

Whatever you situation, you can be sure that at TMJ Legal Services we won’t treat you as just another claim. We will try to ensure that you always deal with the same person throughout and you will of course see, speak to and get to know the person dealing with your case.

If you are involved in an accident we suggest you make a note of as much information as you can; date and time, who was involved  names and addresses if possible, what happened remember preserving evidence might be important.

Contact one of us as soon as you can to discuss your claim  we can help with site inspections, photographs and arrange for witness interviews

Our team of personal injury lawyers

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* A point to note
If you are over 18 years old you only have three years in which to pursue your claim but it is far better to deal with it sooner rather than later. Take legal advice as quickly as you can.