Domestic Violence

If you are experiencing problems with a current or former spouse/partner’s behaviour, TMJ can help. In some less serious cases we can advise you on your case and then send a solicitor’s letter to the problem person regarding their behaviour. The letter will also warn them of the potential consequences if their behaviour does not stop. If Legal Aid is not available to you, we can offer this service for a fixed fee of £85 + VAT = £102 total.

In more serious cases, the members of the family department team have great expertise in this area and offer a supportive and sympathetic service to provide maximum support and protection to sufferers. We can offer emergency appointments at most times throughout the day and can gain non-molestation orders or occupation orders within a few hours.

 Non-molestation orders

These orders prevent a person from:

Occupation orders:

These orders can be used to:

In many domestic violence cases Legal Aid is available, but if you do not qualify for Legal Aid we offer our services on a fixed fee basis, so you only pay for the help you need:


Stage 1: £350 + VAT = £420, + process server fee

Stage 2: £150 + VAT = £180, +travel costs

 Stage 3: £200 + VAT = £240, +barristers fee