Finances in Divorce

Sometimes following separation and divorce, issues can arise over the future of the family home or other assets such as savings or pensions. At TMJ we understand how important it is to deal with these issues carefully, to achieve a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

In some cases you may already have agreed financial matters with your spouse and simply need this putting down on paper. Other cases may benefit from being referred to a mediation service to allow you to reach an agreement face to face. In situations where no agreement can be reached, an application to court may be appropriate.

Legal Aid is available in some cases, but if you do not qualify for Legal Aid we offer our services on a fixed fee basis:

Stage 1: Finances agreed: £250 + VAT = £300 total

Stage 2: Negotiating a Settlement: £500 + VAT = £600 total

Stage 3: Court Proceedings: £1500 + VAT = £1800, + travel costs

Stage 4: Subsequent interim court hearings: £200 + VAT = £240, +travel costs each hearing

Stage 5: Final hearing in Court Proceedings: £750 + VAT = £900, +disbursements

What’s included in the cost?

All costs associated with the work set out for each Stage. Throughout the process your solicitor will keep you fully informed of progress in your case.

Court fees

The Court will require you to pay their standard fee when the application is filed (currently £255).

Extra fees

In some cases there can be complicated issues to resolve and we do charge extra for this additional work, e.g. obtaining an expert report for pensions or property valuation.