Divorce – someone is divorcing you

What is divorce?

Divorce simply means ending (dissolving) your marriage. An uncontested divorce is one where you have received divorce papers from the court and you agree to the divorce going ahead.

Your solicitor will deal with all the papers for you, and offer you advice at every stage of the process.

What is the cost?

All work involved with replying to the divorce, to dissolve the marriage. Our fees for this work are £350 + VAT (£420 total).

Your solicitor will offer you full advice, and help you through all the papers, namely:

Throughout the process, your solicitor will keep you fully informed of all developments in your case.

Fees for extra work/defending a divorce

If you would like your solicitor to help with children or financial matters, we will provide a separate quotation for this before starting work. If you wish to contest a divorce and stay married, the process is more complex and we will provide a detailed quotation for costs.