The breakdown of a relationship is a traumatic experience and can give rise to children problems, divorce, financial difficulties, domestic violence etc as well as being very hard emotionally. It is a time when it is sometimes difficult to make the decision to take legal advice as this often seems like an admission of failure. The members of our team are sympathetic and will soon put you at your ease and a discussion does not commit you. A discussion costs nothing.

Do you need a divorce? We can help and as we are often referred to as “divorce solicitors” we know all the ins and outs and most importantly offer fixed fees.

Sometimes the problems have nothing to do with breakdown of relationships but involve your children; again very hard to handle.

At TMJ Legal Services we offer a friendly, sympathetic and supportive approach to assist you. Often understanding where you stand helps you decide how to move forward.

We have a Legal Services Commission franchise in Family and can, for those who are financially elegible, undertake work that is publically funded (Legal Aid). An increasing number of clients are not elegible for public funding and have to pay their own legal costs.  To assist we offer fixed prices.


How much will it cost?

The amount cost of your case will depend on the amount of work you ask us to do for you. Sometimes there will be fees to pay, e.g. to the Courts or copy documents.

To help you plan, fixed fees are available for a number of our services.
Please refer to the “In this section” menu on the right of your screen.

In all other instances you will be provided with a quote for the work to be completed. This is based on the relevant hourly rate (from £120 plus VAT per hour).

Our free initial 15 minute telephone appointment is designed to provide you with information on the costs involved in your case. Book an appointment by calling 01429 235616.