Employment Law Act for Employee


Unfair dismissal, unpaid wages/holiday pay, redundancy, compromise agreement, discrimination claims – the list of potential claims is very long.

What you need is advice about

In these difficult economic times we are finding that more and more employees are seeking advice when their contracts are terminated. Employees often take the view that their employers have not treated them fairly.

It is difficult to get sound clear advice on what you should do next if you have a potential claim. We can assist and guide you along the path to making a successful claim.

We offer a free interview service to every new client and discuss face-to-face or over the telephone what your problem is and how we can help you solve it.

Many people worry about how much the legal costs will be if they employ a solicitor. We will discuss with you all of the relevant options including insurance funding, no win no fee agreements and legal advice and assistance on the public funding scheme (this is quite limited in its scope).

Contact one of our employment lawyers for further details.