Keith I Morgan, director, specialises in employment matters and has experience over many years of civil litigation, deals with matters affecting sole traders and partnerships and can be contacted on his direct dial 01429 230044 or email

Times when you might find our help useful

Business Start Up

When starting a business you have choices as to how that business is organised:

  1. incorporate as a limited company
  2. incorporate as a limited liability partnership
  3. incorporate as a limited partnership
  4. trade as a partnership
  5. trade as a sole trade

We have many years of experience advising clients about what will suit them and then putting that organisation into place.

Existing Businesses

Existing businesses need help too. We can and do advise on:

  1. restructuring limited companies, including new share classes, issuing new shares and bringing in new investors
  2. reviewing and updating partnership agreements
  3. converting partnerships into other forms of business
  4. advising on business acquisitions and sales

For Limited Companies we offer a Company Health Check

If you already have a limited company have you been fulfilling your obligations?

Do you know it is an offence, for which directors are liable, not to keep your records correctly and not to file the correct documents in the correct way at Companies House?

Are you fulfilling your company secretay obligations ? Do you know what they are?

If you answer not sure to any of those questions we can offer a Company Healthcheck for £250 + VAT. For that we will review your records, advise you how the records should be kept and bring your company records up to date.

Those who have used our Company Health Check has been amazed what they have learned and readily acknowledge that it was money well spent.

After that you may want our continued help. We will be pleased to discuss this with you.

Small company trying to comply with Companies House rules

Do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to provide a free initial interview