We assist individuals, partnerships and companies in connection with commercial matters. Our services include:

This is not an exclusive list. If you have other commercial work with which you would like help do not hesitate to contact us.If we cannot assist we will refer you to someone who can.

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Commercial landlords and tenants

If you are a landlord letting a commercial building or a tenant taking on a commercial lease, TMJ Legal Services’ commercial property solicitors have the expertise and experience to consider leases, negotiate on your behalf if required and then bring matters to a conclusion including if appropriate registration of the lease, serving notices etc

We can help whether you are involved with a new lease or the assignment of an existing lease.

Good advice is essential as failure to spot onerous covenants and conditions can have a long term effect on your business and often on you personally.

Once the negotiation stage of a lease has been completed our solicitors will report to you in detail and explain every provision of the lease in client friendly terms. They will then sit down with you and answer any queries you may have face to face, allowing you to fully understand all of the terms of the lease before you enter into a commitment.

We can assist with a wide range of matters in connection with leases including landlord’s covenants and repairing obligations, rent reviews and tenant’s obligations, seeking possession, dealing with break clauses, and so on.

Often leases or assignments of leases are associated with the sale or acquisition of a business and we can offer assistance with all aspects of the transaction.

We know that a commercial property lease is often a fundamental part of any business and understand the importance of securing the most favourable terms or ensuring that you do not enter into a commitment that you might later regret.

Contact Catherine Turner 07793201274 or Chris Parker 01429 230025 if you would like our assistance or further information.