Our Prices

Our Free Advice Policy

We offer an initial consultation free of charge. Usually that consultation will be limited to half an hour; however if the matter is complex we will spend longer to establish if we can help.  In the case of family matters the first free interview will be limited to establishing eligibility for public funding, the likely timescale and course of action including the cost of undertaking the work required.

After the free consultation it is a matter for you to decide whether or not you wish to instruct us. If you do we will then open a file and advise you of the likely cost of the work you ask us to undertake. At that stage we will send you a letter setting out our terms of engagement including our costs or a cost estimate if the costs are not fixed.

If we give free advice we do not open a file nor do we consider ourselves to under a professional obligation with regard to that advice. We will not undertake any work such as writing letters, contacting a third party etc.until you instruct us.

Our Charging Policy

Minimum fee:

Due to our high overheads we have a minimum fee policy and that fee is £100 plus VAT. When the minimum fee applies we always ask you to pay the fee before work commences.

Fixed Fees: 

For some types of work we offer a fixed fee:

This list is not exhaustive – please do not hesitate to call to find out if we offer a fixed fee for the work you require.

Negotiated fees:

When we cannot offer a fixed fee we will give you a cost estimate and review that cost estimate as the matter progresses. We do not incur costs without letting you know what is happening and securing your consent.

We always ask for costs on account when we start a new matter and raise interim bills. Once the costs paid on account have been spent we will ask you for further costs on account. Generally we do not continue to do work on your file when interim bills are unpaid.


Except in a limited number of cases (for example personal injury claims), if we have to spend money on your behalf we will always ask you to place us in funds before we incurr that expense.

Public Funding (Legal Aid):

Clients eligible for Public Funding will be charged at the rates determined by the Legal Aid Agency. In some cases, when clients recover money or property, those costs will have to be repaid.

We always keep clients informed about their costs and this applies equally to legally aided clients as well as private clients

Personal Injury Claims

Accident Claims

We have a “no win no fee” policy

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

We operate a “contingency fee arrangement” which means you are only charged if you are sucessful.

Motor Insurer Bureau Claims

We operate a “contingency fee arrangement” which means you are only charged if you are successful.


Charitable gifts in wills

Sometimes we are able to offer free wills to those who wish to make a gift to a charity running a free will scheme.

Estate Administration / Probate

We can offer a fixed fee.

This fee will always be less than that charged by a national funeral provider.

Unlike banks and many internet based companies our fee will not be a percentage of the value of the estate.

If we agree a fixed fee at the outset we will not charge you more.

If you choose not to have a fixed fee we will charge you at our hourly rates but will give you a cost estimate at commencement. If the matter proves to be simpler than we expected you will be charged less than our estimate but if it proves to be more complex it may be necessary to revise our cost estimate. This will not be done without your agreement.

To obtain a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration (for estates that are not complex and do not involve inheritance tax) our charge is usually £400 plus VAT and court fee.